My Two Heroes


This post is sponsored by Mrs. Fields®. I was compensated for this. Part of that compensation included cookies. I like cookies & everything this campaign is about, so all opinions/ideas are 100% my own. I have had 2 dads & neither of them were actually my biological dads. I never knew my biological father & my step-father came into my life when I was still a baby. No one would have guessed my father wasn’t my actual father because he never treated me differently than my sister; who was his natural daughter. He took me fishing, he taught me to swim, to ride a bike, he took care of me when I was sick. He let me go camping with […]

Ally McBeal Made Me Feel Old

Ally McBeal

Kyla Chocolate’s Kamp Kyya

Kaya Chocolate's Kamp Kyya Chocolate camp for kids.

How to Organize Your Kid’s Shopkins


A Shopkins Birthday Party

Shopkins Hero

…And We’re Back (including Psalm 121 printable!)

Jacqueline Presley, Creative Outpour

365 Days of Change: 9 Days in

new years, 2015, resolution

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Floor Pillow Tutorial

newly finished cushion pinable

Floor Pillows Completed!

Kids on them

Huge Floor Pillows Part One

My church, The Grove Church, is moving & right now, we are preparing the new location.  I get to help a little bit with the […]

Floor Pillow Sound Check

newly finished cushion

Easy Pillowcase Dress

The last couple of days I have been working on a pillowcase dress for our flea market booth.  Though, my daughter saw me working on […]

Bathroom Storage

Creative bathroom storage… Under the sink… Big bathroom cubes built in… Isn’t this interesting storage?  Reminds me of an airplane bathroom! …and have you ever […]