Practical Ways to Manage Depression


  I am one of a great number of people who feel a sense of urgency to talk about Robin Williams.  I feel the need to talk about the strangeness of how an actor could impact your life; greatly.  I am most impressed to talk about depression.  I feel saddened to think about his struggle & how that affected his life; and family. I have struggled with depression my whole life.  I can remember it from elementary school.  It makes me think of Dexter’s dark passenger.  Depression is like a dark passenger in your life.  I feel a weight on my life.  It’s like a heavy garment that I wear.  It makes me tired and grouchy.  I don’t want it. […]

How I Made Ruffle Pants from My Daughter’s Old Clothes

From MudanBlossoms on Etsy

I am pretty crazy about ruffle pants.  You know, like these: I have made several of these for my daughter because they usually cost anywhere […]

Life is Hard


I Almost Drowned Once


I was in elementary school (I don’t remember what year exactly) & my family was at the lake with my Uncle Curt & Aunt Jackie. […]

Back to Paper: Using a Planner


#ad Heroes of the City Baby App

iPad with app pulled up

Everybody Calm Down! Smoothie

Everybody Calm Down Smoothie

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Floor Pillows Completed!

Kids on them

Floor Pillow Tutorial

newly finished cushion pinable

Huge Floor Pillows Part One

My church, The Grove Church, is moving & right now, we are preparing the new location.  I get to help a little bit with the […]

Bathroom Storage

Creative bathroom storage… Under the sink… Big bathroom cubes built in… Isn’t this interesting storage?  Reminds me of an airplane bathroom! …and have you ever […]

DIY Book Page Wreath by Brian Carreno

Have you seen those wreaths made from book pages?   A guy who works with my husband is quite crafty and made one.  He was kind […]

Floor Pillow Sound Check

newly finished cushion