Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcake Advice

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I am a sucker for 3-4 ingredient Pinterest recipes. Here’s a link to the Pinterest folder I like to call, YUM. Something I like to make a lot is the 3 ingredient pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake, or muffin. I guess it depends on if you frost it or not. We like it both ways over here. I have blogged about them before: Yesterday the kids asked for cupcakes. I didn’t mind saying YES because I have this healthier recipe that they love. As I was making them, I was remembering 2 things about them. #1: They are usually a little less moist than I would like. #2 They are usually WAY bumpy on top. #3 They have mostly turned out […]

Shop Keeper Shopkins Storage Giveaway (CLOSED)

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We Have a First Grader Now

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10 Signs It’s Time for the Kids to Go Back to School

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4 Parenting Approaches I Want to Try

4 Parenting Approaches I want to Try, Creative Outpour

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