My 2 Favorites from the September Popsugar Must Have Box

Subscription boxes are one of the most fun. I love getting something in the mail & I love not exactly knowing what it will be. If you subscribe to the right box, you know that what’s coming is going to be amazing. The most trust-worthy box I know is the Popsugar Must Have Box. I love being a part of their Select group of bloggers that get to try these boxes out for free!!! Look at what you get in a box! I had an event to go to the night I got it & you better believe I had on that black hat & that red lip lacquer! My favorite 2 items were the black hat & the Briogeo […]

5 Takeaways from the Megaphone Summit

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Looking for a New Lady Dr?

This week the kids are at camp until 4pm every day, so, in my mind, this is the week to do all the things. An […]

Local Bacon

Thoughts Between 25 and 40

When I was younger, it seemed like there were eons between 25 and 40. No one told me how fast it passes! When you’re 25, […]

Jackson LOVES Lil’ Beanies

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