10 Signs It’s Time for the Kids to Go Back to School

Disclaimer: This is satire. Meant only to make you smile, or possibly even laugh.

Creative Outpour, back to school

10: Your kids are asking for ice cream for breakfast; you might just say yes this time.

9: You are running out of items on your summer bucket list.

Creative Outpour, back to school, top ten list, kids

8: The number of time-outs/”go play in your room”s is rapidly increasing.

7: You’ve made it to 5 cups a coffee per day to keep up with them & that number is rising.

6: Your kids are now bored with the park, the pool, the backyard, the mall, legos, & all of their toys.

5: You’ve lost all motivation to see that they are bathed daily.

4: They’ve watched everything on Netflix. No really, ALL OF THE THINGS.

Creative Outpour, back to school, top 10 list, kids

3:Your kids have now decided they now hate EVERY. SINGLE. FOOD. Let the cafeteria ladies sort them out.

2: The  “I don’t wanna!” & “He won’t stop hitting me!” & “I’m bored.” has given you a psychological tick.

& the number one reason you KNOW that it’s time for your children to go back to school?

1: Your kids are playing so much Minecraft that they are now being contacted for corporate sponsorships.



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