10 Things About Me

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Here’s a little post that I’m writing for my fellow #SoFabCon14 attendees; 10 Things About Me.

1)  #SoFabCon14 is the first blogger conference I’ve ever been to!  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.

2)  I just took my first real job in social media.  I am the Social Media Manager for Oh Baby Foods.  I get to work from home, so I can still keep my kids at home with me until they start school.  My boss is awesome.  She is one of the most encouraging people.  I am thankful for this opportunity!

3)  This is my natural hair color.

4)  The picture above is from a Luncheon held at Tyson’s headquarters.  We hosted a Twitter party there in celebration of their Grilling Wings.  The food was amazing.  #WhatsGrillin

5) I have 2 kiddos: Katie (5) & Jackson (3):



No, they’re not twins.  She’s 23 months older.  He’s just TALL.

6)  I started this blog when I had my daughter in 2009.  It started out on Blogger & I recently upgraded to WordPress & .com.

7)  My most popular posts are about these bad boys (the floor pillows, not the kids!):

Kids on them


Here are the posts that go with it:




8)  My husband is hilarious.  Don’t believe me?  Read this & this.   Also this:

Spencer Mad Hatter

He’s on the far left.  Put his costume together himself.

9)  My favorite shows are House (sadly gone), Dexter (also gone), Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Castle & Bones.  Guilty pleasure shows: Hart of Dixie, Pretty Little Liars

I’m sure I’m leaving some great shows out.

10) Celebs I’d like to know personally: Michelle Duggar, Bill Cosby, Billy Graham, Robin Williams, Candace Olsen (Divine Design) & Sarah Richardson (Sarah’s House, Design Inc).


There’s a start.  Looking forward to reading your lists & meeting you this weekend!! xoxoxo

About Jacqueline Presley

Owner/Author Creative Outpour. Member of Arkansas Women Bloggers & Northwest Arkansas Bloggers. Jacqueline lives in Springdale, AR with her husband Spencer & her two children Katie (9) & Jackson (7).


  1. Cannot wait to meet you!!!

  2. Congratulations on getting the job where you can work from home. One of my son’s friends just had a little boy in February – she has picked up a job as a virtual assistant and is hoping to pick up one or two more so she can quit her part time job. Technology is wonderful – I’m older, so that type of opportunity wasn’t available when my kids were young, but how exciting that it is an option for women now. I’m a relatively new follower, and I’m enjoying reading ~ have a good week!

    • Thank you! I feel very blessed. I prayed for something like this for the last 5 years!! So, it’s exciting to see it now.

      • It must be! Thank you for the encouragement. I have several things that are on my prayer list that have been on there for awhile, and lately I have been struggling with being discouraged/resentful/depressed/resigned that there seems to be no answer. Your reply is a nice and much needed reminder that God’s timing is perfect, mine is maybe not so much.

  3. OK the more I learn about you the more I feel like we’re meant to be friends! I really connected with a lot of what you said. My most popular post is about hiring a garage sale coordinator, by the way.

  4. Thanks for linking up! Can’t wait to meet you and hang out!!

  5. Jacqueline,

    We have a joke at our house…if we love the show, it’ll surely be cancelled. My grandgirl’s name is Presleigh, of course named after the King. Looking forward to meeting you. 🙂

  6. Hope I meet you this weekend! Your kids are adorable.

  7. Cannot wait to meet you! I love interacting online and then meeting those people in real life. It really grows the relationships. I have been to several conferences. I think SoFabCon is the perfect first conference. You cannot get this kind of intimacy at BlogHer or some of the bigger ones.

  8. Love your blog! Your kids are precious. So great to meet you at SoFabCon. I also love Hart of Dixie and Pretty Little Liars… can’t help it!

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