5 Tips to Make Your Month Better from Me to You

I am a believer in looking for small things to be happy about. Here’s a few things I dig right now, maybe they’ll bring a little happy to your world as well.  FYI: this is not a sponsored post. Just fun.

  1. Awesome Fall Candle: Mulled Cider from Wal-Mart Mainstays. I bought it last year & when it ran out, I bought another one! Here’s the link. It looks like it’s just $3!

5 Tips to Make Your Month Better from Me to You - Creative Outpour

2. Amazing Christmas present idea for your kiddo: Woobo! Hardly anyone knows about these yet because they are literaly in production right now, but your kid will FREAK when they see this thing! So cool & there are a limited number, so get yours here.

3. Ibotta: First, tell me you’re already using Ibotta. I mean, you are, right? You like free money, don’t you? With Ibotta, you save $ on the stuff you buy. Enter your receipts after purchases or go to your favorite online shopping sites via their app & you get money back. Simple as that. It’s pretty great & easy. Let me give you an example, right now there is 7% cash back on Groupon Local. 4% cash back on Hotels.com. Another example, for stores like Walmart: $2 cash back on Pam spray pumps, $3 cash back on Filtrete air filters, $2.50 cash back on Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Day Mask just to name a few. Seriously, check it out.

5 Tips to Make Your Month Better from Me to You - Creative Outpour

4. Sweatcoin. Have you heard of it? It pays you for walking outside. Not like straight up cash, but in offers. Let me give you some examples of current offers they have: for 1,949 Sweatcoins you can get a Misfit Shine 2 or you could get a Ro Anwar Fitness 4 week training program for 100 Sweatcoins.  To get an idea about how you steps convert into Sweatcoins. I walked 5,000 steps, it gave me 4.75 in Sweatcoin. If you walk alot, this could work out great for you. Sweatcoin link to download.

5 Tips to Make Your Month Better from Me to You - Creative Outpour

5. Almost Home. A new show on HGTV! My friend has a show! They own Marrs Developing, a renovation & restoration company that works on historic homes. You are going to love it because her family is the best & her & her husband are so talented & cute. You will love hearing about their life & what they’re doing with it. Start to get to know them tonight at 10pm!

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