A Shopkins Birthday Party

My daughter (& son) have fallen in love with Shopkins. There are a whole bunch of videos on YouTube about Shopkins like this one:

My kids fell in love with them & so, we began to collect them. Now, we are in deep. Much love for the Shopkins in our house. It’s fun for them to open them up & see which ones they get. They’re not expensive & both kids play with them, so it’s like buying double the toys.

So, Katie decided she wanted a Shopkins birthday party. Only, you can’t just got to Walmart & pick up Shopkins birthday decor.   First, she wanted a cake that looked like this Shopkin:

 I called around to see what it would cost to have someone make it, but it was going to be super expensive. I was going to have to attempt it myself. I have friends that play with fondant & this made me braver than I should have been. LORDY, fondant is so hard to work with. Here’s what I ended up with:

I am no fancy cake maker, but for those that might attempt such a feat, I thought I’d include a few details about what I used. Originally the yellow part was going to be light pink fondant, but oh, that did NOT work. My daughter woke up in the middle of the night while I was working on it (it was like 4am at that point–yes, I’m crazy) & she gave me permission to abandon the fondant. I had already bought some other types of icings/frostings for just this sort of moment. The “AHHH! Why did I think I could teach myself how to do this in one night??” moment. It was so much easier just spraying it on. Whew. Relief. Everything else was gravy. The actual cake inside was amazing; strawberry cake & pastry cream filling. Soo good.

On the Shopkins website, there were party printables. There were all kind of things you could print out: invitations, cupcake wrappers, gift tags, place cards, bunting, & photo frames. Very awesome. They have removed these from their website since I first wrote this post sadly.

Here’s a picture of the bunting I had printed from their website:

I found some great, inexpensive, but really cute items at Walmart:

Pretty, right? 

They also had these awesome straws. I made Katie’s invitations & I wanted to share that printable with you–Should you choose to throw your own Shopkins party:

I found these little tins for favors for our guests & filled them with Play-doh, chocolate, rings, & 2 Shopkins!

It was a fun day.

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  1. Gorgeous party! How do I download the invitations? I’m not seeing a link.

  2. What type of invitations did you make? I’m trying to use the picture but it’s not working for me. I run short on the creative side. I snipped it and was trying to print online.

  3. kreischel says


    i just wanna share this link i found w/ch has printables shopkins invites etc.. hope this helps

  4. I am so thankful that I came across this post through Pinterest! My 8 year old has been bugging me for the past 2 months or so for a Shopkins party and cake. I had no idea their site had party printables. I have been looking everywhere for some kind of idea as to how I can make them myself. Thanks again!!

  5. Natasha Carr says

    Thanks so much for your post on Shopkins Birthday party and how to make it happen for you little one. My daughter is turning 9 in 2 weeks and has asked for all things Shopkins. She evens wants to be a Shopkin for Halloween. I already checked and could not find anything in Party City or any other retailer for Shopkins. I like the plates, décor that shared here from Walmart and even though I don’t bake (I buy), I might get brave to attempt the cake OR take your pic to a baker and ask them to recreate it for me. I do know that the lil Shopkins (2 pack) in the party basket are inexpensive so that would be perfect as favors. So glad that I googled Shopkins and came across your post & details on this! As a Mom of 3 girls whose birthday are all within weeks of each other during the Fall time of the year (added in the all the Holidays), I am always feeling CrAzY this time of year. So, you have made organizing this Shopkins Party a piece of cake for me…..

  6. Hi! I love all of the deck core ideas. I’m just wondering what activities did you do at the party? Thanks!

  7. Allison Avoledo says

    This is awesome. I almost downloaded a bunch of stuff from Etsy for $27. And it was all on the website. I hope your daughter enjoyed the party :).

  8. Rebecca Vega says

    Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas! The cake turned out adorable and that’s something I can totally pull off. Based on the comments the Shopkins folks must’ve just recently taken the items off their site because the link won’t pull anything up and even if I go to the main page it doesn’t show anything for party planning. 🙁 Looks like I’m off to Etsy for my printables since my Silhouette is down for the moment. lol.
    Thanks again!

  9. hi – I am looking at the Shopkins website to see where I could download that awesome birthday banner you mentioned but I am not seeing it — could you post the link?? THANKS!!!!

  10. Hello I love the shopkins cake how did you get the yellow to stay and not drip down to much every year I say Ian going to be brave and make my daughters cake this year I just might

  11. Brenda patron says

    Hi i dont found the link for the printables. Thks too much

  12. If you right click and hit the “save as” button save it and then open up that file then click the little printer button on the right.

  13. Crystal Valdez says

    How did you do the collage

  14. Can someone please direct me to where I can edit my daughters name into Shopkins logo font. I see it all the time but can’t find where. I’m so frustrated lol

  15. Hi, apologies if this has already been mentioned and I’ve missed it but the party pack stuff is available at the Shopkins site – it’s just right at the very bottom of the main http://www.shopkinsworld.com/
    Hope that helps other party planners of Shopkins mad little people 🙂

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