Advice for the School Pick-Up Line

Advice for the School Pick-Up Line - Creative Outpour This is year 2 for me in the school pick-up line. Here are a few words to the wise…

1) Have siblings use the bathroom before you leave the house! I cannot tell how many times we have pulled to the line, have gotten sandwiched between two cars & my 4 year old says, ” I gotta go potty!” As a back up (I am not kidding you!), keep a large cup in the car. You know, just in case it comes to that.

Advice for the School Pick-Up Line - Creative Outpour

2) Never turn the engine off, but leave car on for the music. That is, unless you don’t mind your car battery running out right there in front of God & everyone who is in a big hurry. Go ahead & turn it all the way on ladies.

3) Bring something for the sibling to do in the backseat. Also pack their lovies (blanket, bear etc) because they might just fall asleep. It could happen.

Advice for the School Pick-Up Line - Creative Outpour

4) Bring a drink & a snack for lil man (or girl) to prevent the whinies.

5) If your kindergartener/1st grader doesn’t know how to buckle themselves, practice it at home. Most kids know how & everyone gives you the stink eye if your kid is taking too long & holding up the line. Definitely do not get out of the car to help your child buckle themselves.

6) After your child gets in the car: No talking until we are out of the line. This is my weird rule. It helps me pay attention to my driving & helps her focus on buckling up.

Advice for the School Pick-Up Line - Creative Outpour

7) The pick-up line rules for your kid’s school are not a suggestion. If you want to see some mamas & teachers lose their Sugar Honey Iced Tea real quick, just break one of them. You’ve been warned.

8) DO NOT run over the teacher directing traffic. I’m not saying I ever did this, but let’s just say I know it needs to be mentioned here. Respect the traffic director.

9) Find out from other parents what time people start lining up to pick up their kids. If I’m not in line 40 minutes before she gets out of school, I’m going to be pretty far back in the line.

10) Do not embarrass your child. Do not come up in there with your  pajamas on, crazy hair, hollering, acting a fool, fill in the blank.

& 11)

If you must say something to their teacher, keep it short & do not hold up that line. 

That is all. 💗

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  1. This brought back memories and made me glad that my 17 year old drives to school now! I don’t miss the stress of not getting to the pick up line on time and being way, way in the back!

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