Baby Booster: Nutritional Support for Pregnant & Nursing Women

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There is a brand new product just released in Collier’s Drugstores for pregnant & nursing women looking to maintain proper nutrition throughout their pregnancy. I would have loved to have tried this during my pregnancies. It is a high protein nutritional shake that includes all of your daily vitamins.

It is soy free, gluten-free, no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners (like aspartame or Sucralose), & no preservatives. The shake has 20g of protein & only 2g of sugar. It’s safe for pregnant & nursing moms.  There are several different flavors to choose from: Kona Mocha, Tahitian Vanilla, Pina Colada & Superfruit Punch. I bought the Tahitian Vanilla. This is the display in Collier’s in Fayetteville:

Baby Boosters, Collier's, pregnancy, nursing

Collier’s Drugstore has locations in Fayetteville, Bentonville, Johnson, Farmington, Prairie Grove, Elkins & Pea Ridge.

I got the chance to come up with a shake recipe for Baby Booster WITH #CollectiveBias for this shop based on the Tahitian Vanilla flavor,  I think you could all kinds of recipes based on the vanilla flavor, but I chose to do a peanut butter banana shake; because I love peanut butter & banana together.  Such a good combo.

Here’s my recipe:

Peanut Butter Banana Baby Booster

1 scoop of Tahitian Vanilla Baby Booster shake mix

1/2 cup of whole oats

1 banana

2 tbs of peanut butter

2 tbs of honey

1 cup of milk (or almond milk or water or whatever you choose)

Then, I filled my glass with ice & added it to the blender.

Such a good shake!

Here’s a close up:

Baby Boosters, pregnancy, nursing, nutrition

I invited my pregnant friend Alex over to sample it for herself & she loved it.  She also liked how good it was for her & how convenient is was to get her protein & vitamins this way.


For those of you who live in the Northwest Arkansas area, you should consider stopping by Collier’s & trying it.  Otherwise, you can purchase it online.


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