Back to Paper: Using a Planner


Do you use a planner? Or do you use your phone or tablet to keep up with your calendar & “to dos” ?? I have used my phone forever, but I really wanted to have one out on my desk; a physical one I could touch & write in.

Remember paper?

I have noticed so many cute posts about bloggers & their planners. I want to play with pretty pens & washi tape & stickies!!! I also could stand to get a little more organized. Ahem.

So, I polled everyone online asking everyone’s thoughts on their choice of planner. Seems Erin Condren is a favorite for a large majority of people:


Her products are amazing. I almost went with one of hers. People also seemed to love MomAgenda:


So awesome!

The top 3 I liked were Lily Pulitzer:


Kate Spade:


& I came across a really cute one I may get in the future: Day Designer!


So adorable! All of these are awesome choices, but I had been dying to check Fayetteville’s local Shindig Paperie


I’m telling you, Northwest Arkansas (& surrounding areas), this shop is CUTE. I was in the love & the very first thing I saw when I walked in was the black
& white Kate Spade planner. My husband said, “Get it, if that’s the one you want.” Yes!!!!!

Here’s the inside:


So, I got myself a gold pen & some glittery gold & stripey pink washi tape too.

A guy in my church owns an awesome store just steps away from there; The Mustache Goods & Wears. . So, we stopped by there & I found these perfect little stickies to use, too.



Being organized should be fun, right?

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