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I got the chance to work with #CollectiveBias to promote Best Buy.  I was excited to apply for this shop because my husband LOVES Best Buy.  They have the best electronics.  He likes to go there just to look around.  It’s a great place to go to touch, feel & experience popular electronics.  If there is something you were thinking of buying, it’s nice to see it’s features in person.  It helps you feel more confident that you have the product that you want.  It’s also pretty fun to play around with all the gadgets!

Best Buy also prides itself on being the ultimate showroom for home theater products. One of the things I played around with while I was there was the Sharp home theater products & display.  I made fast friends with the associate working in the area & he gave me the full tour.  I learned a ton.  I didn’t realize you could get such a value for your money with Sharp.  They make the largest LED TVs, but are very reasonably priced.

#CollectiveBias #cbias #shop #OneBuyForAll best electronics

I got to play around with their home theater products.  See the buttons below?  They let you play around with the sound bar & TV sound.

#CollectiveBias #cbias #shop #OneBuyForAll electronic devices

Check out the sizes of the LED TVs Sharp makes below:

#CollectiveBias #cbias #shop #OneBuyForAll popular electronics

Just to put it in perspective: 90 inches = 7 1/2 feet. The size is diagonal.  So, it’s 7 1/2 feet from the bottom right corner to the top left corner.  That is crazy big!!

#CollectiveBias #cbias #shop #OneBuyForAll best electronics

 One thing I thought was pretty neat was the way you can scroll through the various menus while still having a a view of your full screen.  My current setup minimizes the screen to a tiny little spot in the bottom corner.  Not nearly as convenient.

#CollectiveBias #cbias #shop #OneBuyForAll electronic devices

 If you’re in the market for a home theater or related products, you should know that Best Buy price matches!  They have their famous Low Price Guarantee.  What that means is, if you find a lower price, they will match it.  So, it will really be the BEST buy!

They also have a handy home theater buying guide to help you.  Also check out the accessories  & services they provide.  Best Buy will deliver, install & set up your new TV/home theater.  They’ll also recycle your old TV!

There were two things I had planned to buy this trip.  The first thing was a Google Chromecast.  Check out Google’s setup at Best Buy.  So cool.

#CollectiveBias #cbias #shop #OneBuyForAll popular electronics

If you’re not familiar with Chromecast, it’s a streaming media player.  You can stream Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Google Play, YouTube & HBO GO to your TV.  Pretty cheap at $35 & so nice to be able to not have to turn an additional component on to use these apps.

I also wanted to get an Otterbox for my new iPhone 5s.  Needless to say, they had a ton of choices.

#CollectiveBias #cbias #shop #OneBuyForAll best electronics


I chose one that matched my purse & wallet perfectly!  The new Otterboxes are less bulky & are more sleek.  I like it a lot more than my last few.

#CollectiveBias #cbias #shop #OneBuyForAll electronic devices

I’m really happy with what I bought.  Everyone was super helpful & knew all about the products I asked about.

If you’re looking for the best electronics at the best prices, Best Buy is the place to go!

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  1. Purchasing a home theater system or even a TV can be confusing. There are so many different tech aspects that are part of each device. It is awesome how Best Buy makes purchasing these devices so much easier! #client

  2. That Google display is SUPER cool! How fun! The Chromecast sounds like a really neat addition to a home theater system for sure. I went to Best Buy recently to purchase a new TV and they were SO helpful. I told them what I wanted and what my budget was. I ended up getting something 5″ smaller than what I wanted because the quality of the TV that I ended up getting was amazing. It wasn’t easy to choose quality over quantity, but I’m so happy with my purchase. The Blue Shirts at Best Buy are SO helpful and informative. I really appreciated them. #client

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