Birch Box vs Ipsy

Y’all I just did my very first YouTube vlog. It is pretty terrifying being in front of the camera!

I love watching unboxing videos of beauty boxes like the Popsugar Must-Have Box, Ipsy & Birch Box. I waited a long time to get a subscription because I wasn’t sure if the products that came in the box were worth the cost of subscribing. This Christmas I had a little extra money to spend, so I subscribed to both Ipsy & Birch Box. I have really enjoyed getting them each month, so now I want offer you a little preview, so you can see what you can expect. Don’t judge my super unprofessional video. I am learning! : )

Something cool about these two beauty box subscriptions is that they both arrive on the same day, so it’s like your special day when they come in the mail.

Tell me about your experience with beauty boxes? Was there one you loved? Let’s help each other! <3

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