Downtown Bentonville’s Art Fete Event

This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated for attending this event & promoting it.  All opinions are 100%my own.


I love living in Northwest Arkansas.  I love that it is small enough to feel a sense of regional community, but big enough that there are all sorts of opportunities to experience art & culture.  I also love being a blogger in this state.  I am a member of the Arkansas Women Bloggers & Northwest Arkansas Bloggers.  In these groups I have met some amazing, gifted people.  As a community we get to do all kinds of neat things like work with groups like Storyline Influencers.  Storyline sent me to this event in downtown Bentonville, AR last night.  The Art Fete event kick off party to start the Bentonville Art & Culinary Festival.

The event was held at the 21C Museum Hotel.  I had no idea how amazing that place was.  After attending last night, my friend & I are already making plans to stay there.  We want the whole experience.  You will too, so, read on.

Art Fete 2

After we checked in, they gave us 2 drink tickets.  & we were directed to area to have our picture taken which would be part of a live display.  The drink I got they called Spring wine.  The first thing they put in it was green cotton candy!  It was tart.

Spring Wine

The hours d’oeuvres were extremely tasty.  The Salt & Pepper Ox Rib was my favorite.  I’m not ashamed to say we went back for seconds!


One art installation there looked as though someone had a stack of papers & had blown them around the room.  We wanted to get a picture of us in the middle of it, but it was more challenging than you might think to get that to come across in a photo, so anyway, here we are, IN the art.

In The Art

Speaking of being in the art, remember that photo I told you we took when we first got there?  They had this Warhol-like live art on the big screen:


Pretty cool idea.  As we enjoyed our treats we enjoyed live music by 1 oz Jig:


This gives you a little taste of what they’re like:

 Everywhere you looked there was something interesting to see.  I found these trees intriguing:

art fete tree Collage

 Also, these turtles:


We were given a great tour of the actual museum part of the hotel.  It was stunning; to say the least.  Such passionate, meaningful art.  There was a grouping of children with the purpose of showing the effect of war on children.  here, a big holds a crucifix as a gun.


This little girl has a gas tank on her belly.  The faces are haunting to me.  The reality & devastation of war.


 This next piece was made by a Morman woman living in a plural marriage.  It is made entirely from straight pins.  It demonstrates both the beauty & pain of marriage.


Along those lines, there was a display of many photographs of women’s hands with sheer gloves that had stitching along where their lifelines were on their hands.   They were all in full wedding attire.  It was part of a demonstration in Brazil protesting domestic abuse.


 This tree is growing in an interior courtyard (potted).  It was not look like anything special, but this is the Tree of 40 Fruit.  It is a tree than can grow up to 40 varieties of fruit!  It flowers in all sorts of shades of white and pink each spring.  The concept & symbolism of this tree is potential.    Fruit from this tree is served at the adjacent The Hive restaurant.


 If you get a chance to stay at Hotel 21c & dine at The Hive, you might find one of these guys at your table.  Or, you might here a knock at your hotel room door &, upon opening it, find a family of these guys standing there in front of you.  It a whimsical hotel.


After some excellent Hive Burgers at the restaurant, we finished off our night with a coffee & dessert as we enjoyed the Artosphere Orchestra Ensemble.


It was a lovely evening!  What a unique, interesting place to experience in Northwest Arkansas.

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