Floor Pillow Tutorial

newly finished cushion pinable

Ever since I posted the floor pillow project (part one & two) I did for my church, I received lots of comments & emails asking questions & wanting a tutorial.  My original post linked back to a Mandy Made tutorial that I worked off of, but that blog is now private.  So, I decided to make another pillow & make my own tutorial.  The first time I made them, I made them 40 inches.  This time I was just working with what fabric I had on hand that would match my living room, so that ended up being 30 inches wide.  You could customize the size to whatever suits you really.

You’ll need:

2 yards of fabric for the top & the bottom

1 yard worth of fabric for the sides ( I used 2 different fabrics because it’s all I had that would work)

Some velcro (if you choose to close it with velcro like I did).

First get your fabrics together & cut as so:


Cut 2 32 inch squares & 2 32 x 7 inch pieces


Again, this is what I made this time.  Last time I made them bigger.  You could make assorted sizes, just stick to the ratio.  Lay them out like this:


Lay the fabric out like this


Pin the sides to the middle like this:

Pin the side peices to the middle square


& sew with a 1/2 inch seam (or so).  It might be smart to do a zigzag stitch inside your hem to make it hold better.


Sew a 12 inch seam


When you’re done, it should look something like this:

This is what it Should look like


Now you’re going to pin sides to each other like this:


Now Pin each side to each other


Sew again & it should look like this:


It should start looking boxy at this point



Once you’ve finished with that, pin & sew the other square to the top of your little box you’ve got going leaving about a 7 inch opening.  That way you can turn it back right side out, stuff it & attach your velcro or whatever fastener you choose.


Make a 7 inch opening


Then, pin the opening back on top & bottom, so you make a finished edge for your opening & sew.


Pin sides of opening


I used velcro that was sticky on the back, so I put it in there like a sticker, so there was no need to pin it in.

Attach velcro & sew it on


Sew it in there, but you may want to use thread that blends with your fabric, so it doesn’t stand out.

Now, you’re ready to turn it right side out & fill ‘er up!  I used a mixture of Walmart sacks  & cotton filler.  For this size I used the amounts below, but honestly, I’ll probably be adding some more sacks, to fluff mine a bit more.  That’s the glory of it though, you can always add more!  Yay!

I used about 75% sacks & 25% cotton filler.

wm sacks & cotton


Here’s how it turned out:

katie cushion 1

Let me know if you have any questions.  I may have left something out.  I am not at all a professional & consider myself a beginner seamstress.  Half of the time I make it up as I go!!

– – –

UPDATE:  Several people have asked how loud these pillows are with Walmart sacks inside.  I posted a video to give you an idea here.

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Owner/Author Creative Outpour. Member of Arkansas Women Bloggers & Northwest Arkansas Bloggers. Jacqueline lives in Springdale, AR with her husband Spencer & her two children Katie (9) & Jackson (7).


  1. I love this! They would be great in my classroom! 🙂

  2. That is so cute, and I didn’t realize how big it was until I saw your daughter sitting on it. Wow! Now that would be comfy.

  3. I love this idea! I think it would also be great alternative to buying a dog bed {especially since they always cost $30+} and our dog always manages to rip his beds apart.
    I actually made our dog a bed from our old memory foam mattress, but this looks so much faster to accomplish than sawing apart a whole bed!
    I have just one question on this tutorial, what are Walmart sacks? Are they like burlap bags or plastic bags?

  4. I have been wanting to make some of these! Great idea to use Walmart sacks as filler! Polyfil can add up for such a big project… Now, this might be within reason to make!

  5. Great tutorial! I was wondering if the plastic bags make much noise when you sit on them? Great use for those! Thank you!

  6. You should make the covers and sell them on Etsy! They are very cute. They would also be great for dog beds because the selection out there is limited. Stuff your own dog bed covers are popular now.

  7. So, do you stuff the grocery sacks with the polyfill and tie the sack in a knot? Or do you just kinda throw it all in there together? And can you wash these in the washing machine even with sacks inside?

    • I put the poly in the corners & just shoved the rest of the sacks in. I would empty all the contents into a trash bag whenever you wash the cover. Make sure your fabric is washable!!! Some fabrics will fade, shrink, or be ruined in some way. Most labels at the store on the roll will give you that information.

  8. Awesome!! I am making one as a gift for my girl who is turning 13!!!

  9. This is so cool! We have been trying find a way to seat a lot of people in our new but small basement. This is perfect! I think I will try it. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Vanessa McElroy says

    Did you use cotton fabric or canvas? It kinda looks like Canvas.

  11. Sunny Gordon says

    Lovely! My son wanna have one. But if you don’t mind, may I ask a question?
    Do we need to make a case then stuff cotton inside. And cover it with yr pillow case. How do you think? And thanks for sharing anyway 🙂

    • It’s up to you. I didn’t make an inner case & it’s worked our great for me, but I can see how you might want to. That way you would have to deal with the filling when you wanted to wash it. Hope it turns out awesome!

  12. Alecia Bevins says

    I have a stack of old pillows that I was looking to repurpose…I think I may try this lil idea 🙂 I do believe my two lil ones would love it..thanks for the fab idea!

  13. Peggy Burger says

    Hi, these floor pillow tutorial are awesome. Thanks for sharing, however I cannot see the actual step by step disigning of these. Could you possible send me the step by step designing of these pillows by email. pburger@eqstrafleet.co.za. Many thanks and much appreciated.

  14. Sara Bullock says

    What a great idea! I love the up-cycling of Walmart bags as filler. I also was concerned about the sound… but watched your video & it sounds just like a traditional beanbag chair with the Styrofoam balls does. Do you think it would work with just Walmart bags & no cotton filler? Thanks for the great idea! I am going to make some of these! 🙂

  15. this is a neat idea for pets as well has anyone thought of using foam cushions as part of the filler, I don’t know how much they would cost compared to polyfil and you can’t beat free shopping bags cut it might provide extra support and with the Velcro you could pull it off to wash it.

  16. I love all you pillows and idea, they are awesome. I cannot find the one for the quilted pinwheel pillow.

  17. I’m a bit late to the pillow party. I just had to make an extra big one for my old futon which had almost no fluff left to sit on. I just cut the stuffing out of super cheep wallmart pillows to fill it though. Cost way less that way than buying real craft stuffing

  18. Barbara Archibeque says

    We don’t get plastic bags in our county ( over a year now) . Any suggestions as to what I can use to make it a nice firm pillow? I was thinking fabric scraps mixed with ? Stuffing? Poly foam? BTW – This was exactly the pillow I’ve been looking to sew. Thank you for the zigzag idea, I’ll try it. B. In northern Ca.a

    • The ones I made are NOT firm. They are more like a bean bag, so I went for something squishy. If you want yours firm, you could use foam & you could get it from a shift store cushion if you wanted to save some $. Hope that’s helpful.

      • Barbara archibeque says

        I made the pillow. 32″ x 32″ x 7″ and I stuffed it with everything I could find! Clothes that were going to be donated, fabric scraps, etc.etc. I even ended up going to the thrift store and buying a huge comforter to fill the rest. It’s a BIG floor pillow, perfect for my teen daughters room.( Her friends love it too). I wish I could send you a picture. My friend works in a designer furniture wearhouse in SF and gives me very high end “samples”. Needless to say the pillow is beautiful! ( stuffed with many, many items… But beautiful!) & just firm enough! Thanks again

    • I was just thinking to re-purpose pantyhose instead of plastic bags.

  19. Try filling with old panty hose and knee high that have holes. Will be a firm pillow.

  20. I have an old foam mattress topper that otherwise would have gone in the garbage (since it will be way too small for our new bed) and it would make the perfect stuffing for these! I’ll have to adjust the height of the strips in the middle, since the foam will lie flatter than the stuffing you use, but I imagine they will still be quite comfortable. Thanks for the share 🙂

  21. love the floor pillows. question…by “walmart sacks” do you mean the plastic bags they put your stuff you bought in?

  22. Jennifer Grimes says

    Do you think these would work with regular fabric or is it better to use duck cloth or thinking material?

    • I think it’s better to use thicker fabric. Since they’re on the floor, they get a lot of wear & tear. I have had good luck laundering duck cloth as well. If you use a lighter weight fabric, I would double it (2 layers) for strength.

  23. Looks like fun Will have to make some

  24. Hi i loved your tutorial .i just needed to askwhat are the substitutes to fill your floor pillow instead of styrofoam beads

    • I used Walmart sacks & cotton/poly fill (pillow stuffing) for mine. I have made them without cotton too. Just the sacks in fine. I was concerned that the corners wouldn’t hold their shape. So, I put the stuffing in the corners. Some people use old tshirts! I like the feeling of the Walmart sacks because it makes it feel like a bean bag. You could fill it with the stuffing from old pillows (your own or yard sale/thrift stores), packing peanuts if you get a lot of packages & happen to have a lot of them (we do), let me know what you come up with!

  25. I love this! I thought the filling was going to be super expensive. I love the idea of using bag, recycling** now I’m gonna make a couple just because of that 🙂 thanks!!

  26. I wanted to make a couple of these for my 10 and 14 year ols. They would need to be pretty big so for the sides would i need to keep the width the same?

  27. Reba Lester says

    My Daughter in Law sent me a picture of the pillows you made with a request for 2 of the pillows for my grandsons She does not sew and i had not sewed for quite a while the pictures were a great help i made the pillows and I hope the boys will love them

  28. Love this and it’s exactly what I have been searching for !! I am learning to sew on my own. I know some basics but not enough to do some of these ones that has 6 sides etc. I wanted some thing just like this not only for us to crash and watch a movie but also for the dogs too !! Only question I have is I would like to make an inside sack so I can wash the outside cover. Again we have dogs. A lot of dogs since we have a farm & own a rescue. So when I make the inside sack do I use same dimensions as the outside cover or should I make the inside pillow a little smaller ?? I know to make the opening plenty large enough so the inside pillow can be removed easier. I bought some of the Muslin material for the inside pillow then learned I could just use a flat sheet etc. Thanks for posting this it will be a great help ! It’s wonderful you made them for the church day care also !!

  29. I’ve made large cushions and draught excludes like these ones . I find bargain pillows and duvets a good and cheap source of stuffing material

  30. Monica Jantzen says

    thanks for the idea, it is very practical to me to lack something like that for my daughters !!!

  31. I just made one of these and I love it so much! Thanks for the tutorial! I’m now making a second one and I found that it works easier if you sew the thin sides all together first and then sew the top and bottom to them. 🙂 It makes for a better corner (at least it did for me) Thanks again for the project idea! My niece and nephew having been jumping onto this all morning!

  32. I made this today! I purchased two new pillows for our bed (King size) and used the old ones to fill ! Makes a 34×34 pillow great dog bed for our medium sized dog!

  33. I have seen bean bag shape chairs you fill up with stuffed animals your little one does not necessarily play with anymore. I bet that would work as a good filler too, but they can still access them if they want! Great tutorial!

  34. Linda Rechtin says

    I am so sorry if you have already answered this question, but do you know about how many bags you’ve used in one of those cool floor pillows of yours? Did you stuff them firm or try and keep them light and fluffy? Also, with use do they flatten out much?
    Thanks bunches, I am really looking forward to making a couple of these for sleep overs 🙂

  35. Hi Jacqueline,

    Would this be suitable for bean bag filler instead of the pillow wadding?

  36. Doreen Cohen says

    For the stuffing–I had an old leather couch. I cut off the leather and pulled out the fluff (which was clean as can be–cause nothing got past the leather). And used the stuffing for pillows. I’m saving the leather for another project.

    Reuse, renew, reduce waste….

  37. Did you need 2 yards of fabric for the top AND 2 for the bottom? Ora total of 2? I can’t wait to get started making one for my daughter! Thanks for the tutorial!

  38. dpresley
    hello this is a cool project, tks for sharing…. I have foam mattress that I wanted to throw away but then thought I can make pillows out of it – what do u think ?

  39. HI Jacqueline
    I’ve been looking for a pattern just like this to make floor cushions out of leftover curtain material for our family room. Great idea of using other things to stuff them with other than cotton filler. Thankyou!
    Rochelle (Brisbane, Australia)

  40. Hi! How much does 1 of these cost?

  41. Patty Hilker says

    Would fleece work as the material?

  42. Hi, these are lovely. Just some clarification please. Is it two yards for the top and two yards for the bottom. Or two yards sharing between the two

  43. I just made 3 of these (36×36) for my 5 year old and her friends to lay on. She LOVES them! Thanks so much for the great instructions and clear photos. These were a lot easier to make than I had feared they would be.

  44. Chloe Cothern says

    Amazing idea! How do you see the top onto the rest once you have sewed the bottom and the sides together? I am a little above a beginner in seeing. Do you think I could try this? Thank you!☺️

  45. Kelsey Lovley says

    Hi, I know this is probably obvious to a sewer and I can tell by your wording you were being specific about amount of materials but I just want to be sure. I need one yard for the top and another yard fopr the bottom, 1 yard for all the sides?

  46. How do I find the pattern for the.no sew floor pillow for infants it’s plaid with fringe around it is so pretty

  47. I made this for my 1 y.o. grand. I used a clean high loft king Mattress topper that was no longer needed and taking up valuable closet space. I folded and cut it to size for the stuffing. Also I decided to use a zipper instead of Velcro. Then I pinched the seam edges and sewed with a 1/4″ top stitch to give it shape and a slightly tailored look without using piping. Sure is fun seeing him belly flop and roll around with a big smile! Thanks for posting this!

  48. Totally! What a great idea using the sacks. How innovative. Now I just need to get myself the sewing machine 😀

  49. Is the 40″ pillows you made the gren dots and chevron pattern that the boy and girl are sitting on? Do you have the pattern or material size needed for the 40″ pillows that you could share on here?

    Thank you

  50. Hi, thank you so much for sharing this. I have one question : if I wanted to make the squares 36×36, what would the width of the sides be? Do I keep it at 36×7? Or… Thank you!

  51. I love these & thru would look great in my living room ! Do you by any chance make these for people ?

  52. Hi,
    Only sew for hobby here and there so maybe that’s why I am confused. Is the zebra fabric print double sided? I can’t picture when you flip the pillow inside out how it wouldn’t be the backside of the fabric. Also how exactly do you sew the top square to the rest of the pieces, just one side at a time?

  53. I know I’m late to the party but you could use all kinds of packaging. Like the plastic found on toilet paper and paper towels. This could become a great recycling priject if you think about the stuff we throw away differently. Thabkd for the idea.

  54. Thanks for linking!


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