Getting Cabin Fever Over Here

Hey y’all.  Today was the day I was going to tell you who won our Great Day Farms giveaway – however – there were no entries!!  What?!?  Where my egg lovers at?  I’m one of those egg freaks (along with my friend Heidi).  We pretty much eat eggs every. single. day.  There are lots of reasons why, but the main one is: they’re yummy!  If for some reason, you aren’t a huge fan of the taste, here’s why you might want to eat them anyway:

Great source of protein (6.3 grams per egg!) for breakfast that does not have nitrates like bacon & sausage.

Low calories protein option at roughly 70 calories per egg.

Great source of Vitamin D, thiamin, riboflavin, folate & B vitamins.

Just sayin.

– – –

I’m not sure where you live, but here in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I have been stuck in my house for days because of the winter weather.  Friday was our 10 year wedding anniversary & we had plans to get away together, a sitter lined up for the kids…but ice.  We haven’t been able to leave since.  Today my husband was picked up for work by one of his coworkers (our 4 wheel drive is not working properly).  I’m getting a little stir crazy in the house with 2 kids under 5.  We are all a little grumpy, but I’m trying to stay sunshiney still.

It has me looking forward to this week’s end when I’ll get to join some fellow bloggers at the Paul Michael Company.





If you’re not familiar with them, check out their awesome website in the link above.   They are hosting us for 2 days & I am really curious about what they have in store for us.  I’ve never been to Lake Village had this type of experience before.  What a treat!

Look for more this weekend!



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  1. What a great weekend we had! Love your new site!

  2. I went to your site a few days ago but got an error message – what a bummer that no one won delicious eggs!

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