How Starbucks Got Me Ready for an American Chocolate Week Date Night

delicious pairings starbucks walmart bakery

You may have noticed a new little arrangement in your Wal-Mart bakery area:

starbucks mocha wal-mart bakery delicious pairings

Starbucks & Wal-Mart bakery have put together what they’re calling, Delicious Pairings.  Starbucks coffee & items from Wal-Mart’s bakery paired together for your ease & delight.  If you know me, this is right up my alley!!!

starbucks mocha wal-mart bakery delicious pairings

Normally, I would pick up my coffee on the coffee/tea aisle. We pretty much always buy Starbucks, & we usually try to get Pike’s Place Roast if it’s available.  If it isn’t, we just grab something medium to dark & we’re happy.  It being American Chocolate Week & all, I decided to try their new Starbucks Mocha flavor!!  After all, a mocha coffee was the first cup to get me hooked back in the day.  Starbucks made it easy for me by having their little suggestions out to tease me in the bakery!!!

Wal-Mart will also, at some point, will have a demo set up, so you can try samples.
delicious pairings starbucks walmart bakery

  My Wal-Mart, at that time, had samples of Ghiradelli Chocolates to go with their Starbucks Mocha samples–though I was there to try their other suggestion:  

starbucks mocha wal-mart bakery delicious pairings

Double Chocolate muffins were the partner for this new Starbucks Mocha flavor, so I picked up some.

The next idea I had to make this night special was to rent Chocolat!  Such a good movie.

starbucks mocha wal-mart bakery delicious pairings

I brewed the coffee & set everything out on our ottoman in the living room just after we put the kids to bed.  The coffee was pretty lightly flavored as far as flavored coffees go, which is what we prefer.  If we’re going to have a flavored coffee, we still want to taste coffee & not have a chemical-like after-taste.  The cupcakes were really too good because I ate 2 & they’re HUGE.  I will be getting them again for sure.  I think in the future I would not have them together because it’s pretty indulgent/rich, but, of course, that was perfect for a chocolate celebration!!  

I’m excited to see what future pairings will be waiting for me in the Wal-Mart bakery next time I’m getting groceries.

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  1. Would you believe I still have not seen this movie? I know, crazy.

  2. It’s so good! Rent it & tell me what you think.

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