Huge Floor Pillows Part One

My church, The Grove Church, is moving & right now, we are preparing the new location.  I get to help a little bit with the children’s sunday school classrooms.  I love it because my children will use these rooms & I love thinking about all of the children in these rooms.

I am currently working on giant floor pillows for the new Infant/Wobbler room.  It has been a fun project!

I’m going for something like this:

via Mandy Made
So, I checked out Mandy Made‘s tutorial along with a few others to get some ideas.  Her website is now set to invited visitors only, so I can’t really link you to that post anymore.  Click HERE for MY tutorial.
While searching Pinterest, I also came across a cool idea.  The idea was to use Walmart-type sacks as filling to make them more squishy; kinda like a bean bag.  It takes A LOT of Walmart sacks to do this when your floor pillows are 4ft x 4ft though, so you probably need to hit up Walmart for your project.  I went there (after hitting up my friends) & they let me take allll of the bags in the recycle bin!  They were also EXTREMELY nice about it.  They even offered me a ton of those blue Walmart cloth bags if I needed them!  I didn’t, but wasn’t that nice of them?  Yay Walmart.
So. many. bags.
Here’s the room it’s going into:
Isn’t amazing so far?  The woman who is painting it is a local art teacher that attends our church.  Don’t you just love the dove she’s painted into the clouds?  Beautiful!
Here are the fabrics I picked for the room:
Well, I am in the thick of it right now, but this a little sneak peek:
This is not filled up all the way, in fact, this is about the point when I realized that I was going to need a lot more Walmart sacks!!!
Well, ok, that’s all for now.  I will post the reveal when I’m completely done.
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  1. this is a nice idea using old Walmart sacks. Did the stuffing feel natural?

  2. I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and you blew my mind with the Wal-Mart sack filling. Would you mind telling me how it worked out? How did it feel when it was all finished? Was it weird and crinkly? I have been saving up fabric to make giant floor pillows for my daughter’s room, and I think this would really save us a LOT of money. Thanks!

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