I’m sewing!! (Baby Burp Cloth)

First of all this ISN’T a “how to” post because I just had my first lesson today and so I’m obviously still learning! I’m loving it though and will probably (hopefully) post a “how to” in the future!

Yay! So, my mother-in-law, both sisters-in-laws and nieces are all avid quilters/seamstresses and every time I go over someone is working on some project. Recently my MIL won the judges choice award in our county fair so she is obviously rather good at quilting and they sell aprons, bags, etc at my sister-in-law’s hair salon. I’ve never really had a desire to learn to sew, I honestly preferred just to design something and have someone else do the work. 🙂 the only reasons that I recently had the desire are because 1) I was feeling left out and annoyed every time I went to my MIL’s house because everyone was ignoring me and 2) I got a ton of burp clothes for nothing at a garage sale and felt inspired to try do something with them.

Harmony, a sister-in-law, gave me some scrap fabric, a brief tutorial (in which I remembered nothing) and voilà!!

I’m feeling inspired to do more that I see how easy it is. You don’t have to be some super anal-retentative person who makes every cut perfect, it’s good if you are, but it’s about the art of it, the personal imperfections and the fun you have making it while trying not to spill hot chocolate on your fabrics. Find a work shop near you- skim on down this page, there is some info about such classes and have FUN!

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  1. Giiiirrl–if I had all of those sewers in my family I would be soaking up all the info!! That burp cloth looked so pretty! Sewing is hard but you made it look so easy!! Once you learn a few techniques–you really can do a lot! Having a good machine is also important. Can’t wait to see what else you make!!

  2. I am going to soak it all up now! :)) they are so excited I’ve come around that I have a lot of tutors!

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