Jackson LOVES Lil’ Beanies

I was hired by The Women Bloggers to participate in this campaign led by Kendal King Group on behalf of Nestle.


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Gerber’s Lil’ Beanies are a new snack product for toddlers soon to be in Walmart. They’re pretty much healthier Cheetos Puffs. My kids pound them like they are too:

What you just heard was my child eating something–LOVING something that tastes like broccoli. Today he ate a whole can (I actually didn’t mean for him to eat the whole can, but I did leave him alone in a room with an open can of them).

Lil’ Beanies come in two flavors: White Cheddar & Broccoli & Original. They are made mostly rice & navy beans. It’s something crunchy that I can feel good about giving to my young child; they have 2 grams of protein & 1 gram of fiber per serving. These little yummies are made with no GMOs, no preservatives & no artificial colors or flavors to boot. That’s better than a ton of the other crunchy alternatives.

Lil' Beanies, Gerber, Nestle, Creative Outpour, toddler, snack, healthy snack

Your kids are gonna love them. Look for them at Walmart on or around March 12. #GerberLilBeanies

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  1. Ha, I love how you did a video! They are tasty, I tried one too. The toddler was not impressed with me eating his snacks lol

  2. These look delicious! We can’t wait to try them!

  3. We just got ours today! Jackson is adorable!! I’m so sad the broccoli ones have cheese in them since Coen has a dairy allergy, but I know he will love the other flavor!

  4. My daughter loves the Lil Beanies as well! And honestly, I have been eating them too! Please tell me you have been sneaking some too?! I love that they are made out of beans and rice flour.

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