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Kitchen design is my passion!! I love all of the options from paint colors to wood type and all of the fun customizations that are possible! Right now the hottest thing in kitchen design is the color grey! I know…gets some getting used to, but now I am in love with it!! Maple cabinets-painted grey aka Harbor Mist in an inset door looks so classic with a kick of sass! Love it! Grey is a neutral color that warms up a space without over powering it.

I have two clients that I am currently working on that I designed gray cabinets for. I will post those pictures when the projects are complete. Right now for inspiration I watch “Selling New York” on HGTV.

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  1. Love the grey cabinets, Jamie! I have a client that I’m working with on a new house that might just go for them. I use Sherwin Williams paint so is the Harbor Mist a Benj-Moore color? Just need to make sure the grey looks good with the stainless appliances. The counter top in the bottom picture is what we have picked out for the kitchen. Love the Blog and your sister! Jai A.

  2. Thanks! I LOVE my sis too!!
    Harbor Mist is actually a color from I design my semi-custom line with them. The grey is a little lighter than what is shown in the pictures above. I love the Carrara marble but not sure I would use it in a kitchen. It is a very porous stone and stains easily. Looks beautiful and is great on a baking island. Looks great in the shows I watch–but my customers would ruin it in 3 months. To get a similar look I have used Caesarstone 4141H Misty Carrera. Nice look and much more user friendly! I would love to see some of your work. Do you have a website?

  3. No, I don’t have a website. Just really started this business last fall after building my house and loving the process. I was approached by a local builder about helping him with his new construction homes in Fayetteville. I have helped with 5 houses that he has built and they have all sold either during the building process or shortly after. We are starting 2 more in August.

    I am not a designer, but love picking out and finding a few fun pieces for our spec homes that make them unique. His website is getting started and it is

    I have been blessed to have 3 custom houses that I’m working on now with the owners. My “title” is Home Interior Consultant. Basically, I help with lighting, fixtures, trim, paint and countertop selections. I have an amazing cabinet maker that has been referring me to some of his clients and builders. Also have business cards and yard signs.

    Yes, the Carrara marble is not really good for kitchens. Being the countertop police would make unneeded stress in the kitchen! When I was doing my home, I found a remnant of Bianco Romano that l used in my guest bath because it does look soo much like marble. I went to the local large granite/quartz dealer yesterday and found that it is not too often that the Bianco Romano resembles marble that closely. Thanks for the tip about the caesarstone. I used quartz in my kitchen and love it but will definitely check out the misty carrera color to recommend to my client.

    Besides loving what I’m doing, I am reading and studying alot. I would love to take some classes at the Univ of Arkansas and they have a great program for “older adults” that are tuition free. You can get college credits or just audit the classes. I’m also a Weight Watchers leader and Grammie, so my time is a little tight right now.

    I would love to have some direction on how to organize all my samples. I do storyboards for the houses but it seems like I have lots of “stuff” that needs to be accessible but organized. If you have any suggestions to share or a text book that might help, that would be great.

    Sorry for this rambling “comment”. I will check out the cabinetry website and would love to see yours too. Thanks for your interest and ideas!!!

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