Kyla Chocolate’s Kamp Kyya

I was given a lot of chocolate & a fun preview experience of Kamp Kyya in exchange for my promotion of the camp. I choose to promote it because it’s super awesome.

Kaya Chocolate's Kamp Kyya Chocolate camp  for kids. Northwest Arkansas parents, I want to tell you about a fun camp starting up the first week in June. Kamp Kyya is in Elm Springs at Kyya Chocolate & it’s super duper fun. I got to visit there to preview the camp.

Kamp Kyya Kyya Chocolate

The deets their website:

“Kyya is offering a four day chocolatier camp for kids from age 6 to 16. New camps start each week & run from Monday to Thursday. The camp is one hour & forty-five minutes per day & classes are limited to 10 students. The classes are in age groups. Siblings can request to be in the same class, but we respectully ask that students from 6-8 years old be accompanied by a parent.”

If you’re like me, you’re looking for enriching experiences for your kids this summer, so they don’t end up just sitting around all day (& driving you nuts!!) This is something neato for them to do that will satisfy their curiosity for “How do they do that?”

This is a hands-on experience. Everyone in the class will get to make chocolate molds,

Resin for Chocolate mold

Pressing the plastic into the chocolate mold

roast, winnow & make chocolate.

They will get to mold chocolate & make their own packaging.

Bonus? They will also learn how to make bon-bons. yessss.

Chocolates from Kamp Kyya with Kyya Chocolate

The camp is $85 per student & each camper will bring home an assortment of chocolate (a $40 value).

Not only will this camp will be a great experience for your kids, but there’s more to it then that. It’s the reason that Kyya is putting on these camps & the reason they started the company. On a mission trip to Uganda with his church, Rick Boosey’s heart was broken for the poor. He was overwhelmed by the immensity of what he was seeing & knew he had to do something bigger than making a small donation. He decided to start a business. After researching the major exports of Africa, he settled on chocolate. Chocolate as a tool for loving on people & communities. 10% of their profit goes to just that.

Basically, they want to improve & develop communities any way they’re able &, as they’re able, do more. They dream of what they might do.

The proceeds for Kamp Kyya will enable Kyya pursue further opportunities to this end.

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