Local Bacon

I might have had the best bacon of my life last week. I was visiting the Moss Mountain Farm, home of P. Allen Smith, for his Farm to Home event. It was a gathering of local farmers and makers for the purpose of connecting them with Arkansas bloggers. We listened to them and looked for ways we could get their story out and drive awareness to the importance of shopping locally for our goods.

One such local product comes from the Hanna Family Ranch in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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Will and Waltina Hanna raise heritage pork and lamb and make some of the most delicious bacon! I enjoyed talking with them and hearing from them directly. What started as an effort to provide high quality meats to their friends and family, developed into a full-blown business. Kinda funny, that I had to go to Roland to meet a family from my part of the state.

They invited me and my family out to visit their ranch and play with some piggies. I could get used to this farm to table movement. Imagine physically walking on the ranch that makes your bacon or sitting and having a cup of coffee with with the farmer that grows your veggies. Makes for a smaller world.

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