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This week the kids are at camp until 4pm every day, so, in my mind, this is the week to do all the things. An abundance of things have been put off because, kids. I called to make an appointment with my regular gynecologist because it has been awhile and also because I had been having some breast pain that I wanted to get checked out. The phone rang several times. When someone finally answered, they asked if I could hold. I said ok because that’s what you say to be polite, but no one really ever wants to be put on hold, ever. When she gets back on the phone, after 5 minutes (I can tell how long because, iPhones) I tell her that I need to make an appointment. She transfers me and I wait. Over the course of several minutes, 2 separate recordings come on saying, thanks for waiting or something like that and then I’m sent to voicemail. I would like to get in to the doctor this week because the kids are at camp. So, I call back hoping to get a real live person. Nope, the same exact thing happens. I’m feeling frustrated at this point because if it’s this hard to get someone on the phone to make an appointment, how long will it be before I can be seen? Probably not this week. I want a less crazy office, so I poll some moms I know asking who they see. Several moms say, “What about the Birth Center?” I hadn’t thought of them because I’m not having a baby and I’m not planning to anytime soon, but I should have thought of them because I attended a social media event there. One of the big pushes that night was to advertise that  they see women for check-ups, too. I feel kinda silly at this point, so I thanked the ladies and gave them a call. Not only did I not get put on hold, but they got me in the very next morning! Yay!

This place is pretty amazing. When you walk in, it’s like walking into someone’s home. This is what their lobby looks like:

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Photo from The Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas & used with permission.

Pretty inviting, right? It’s not an appointment many women look forward to, but this lobby certainly sets you at ease. Also there is, what only be described as, vacation music playing. It’s so chill in there that it’s strange to think that, at any time, there maybe someone in one of their rooms back there, having a baby. Where was the Birth Center of Northwest Arkansas when I was having my babies??

My appointment was with a nurse midwife. It may seem strange to you that I saw a midwife instead of a gynecologist if you’ve never been to one. A Certified Nurse Midwife is an advanced practice registered nurse. They are active, registered nurses who have also passed the American Midwifery Certification Board exams. With my first pregnancy, I used a nurse midwife and was pleased by the amount of attention she gave me. I never felt rushed out the door or self-conscious for asking a bunch of questions. This is exactly the quality of care you can expect with  Sharon Shin, CNM at the Birth Center. She has a great personality and is very thorough. While at the appointment with her, I mentioned how I was taking advantage of the kids being at camp to get all my appointments in Rogers taken care of. One of those things was getting blood work done for another doctor’s office. She offered to do the blood draw herself to save me a trip. What mama doesn’t appreciate that?

They have an online records client they use and, as soon as your labs are finished, they are uploaded there. So, it was then super easy to email them to the other doctor.

When my appointment was over, I got the chance to chat with some of the front office staff. I mentioned that I had visited last year when they hosted a blogger/social media event. I told her my daughter saw this picture of me holding this doll:

I asked them how much they were, so I could get her one and THEY GAVE ONE TO ME!! Isn’t that sweet?? They are the best.

Overall, I had such a great experience there and wanted to share that with you.


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