How I Made Ruffle Pants from My Daughter’s Old Clothes


I am pretty crazy about ruffle pants.  You know, like these:

From MudanBlossoms on Etsy

From MudanBlossoms on Etsy

I have made several of these for my daughter because they usually cost anywhere from $20-$60 a pair & I sew.  If you’d rather not sew your own, the pants above are only $22 & would be pretty cutie for Christmas.

HOWEVER, if you WOULD like to make your own & save money & be greenish by re-using, follow along.

Here’s how my little story started.  My daughter will fall in love with a dress until it eventually becomes more the length of a long shirt & requires pants (or something) beneath it.  Sometimes we have some that go & sometimes I make some.  This time I chose to embellish some we already had.

So, she had a pair of pants that matched the dress pretty well & another pair that she doesn’t wear that I decided to use to get fabric for the ruffle.  Katie likes her outfits as wild as I’ll let her west them, so I looked for some trim to add as well & came up with this super chunky ric rac from my trim drawer, but you could definitely make cute pants without the trim.  No problem.



Step One

The first thing I did was cut off the waist band of the pants I planned to use to make the ruffles with.  I am keeping it for future projects!

Step 2

Next, I cut the pants right down the middle to seperate the two legs.

Step 3


Then, I cut the pants across at the top of the inseam.

Step 4


After that, I used a stitch ripper take out the seams of both pants legs.

Step 5


Next, I took the largest width of each pant leg & measured out a straight line.  For me, it turned out to be about 9 inches.  I folded it in half & pinned it; very lazily, but it worked for me.

Step 6


It was about 4 1/2 inches for me.

Step 7

Then, I trimmed off the extra fabric.

Step 8


Then, I pinned the other side.

Step 9


I used the crease of the fold to cut the fabric down the middle into 2 equal pieces.  I did the same to the other pant leg.

Step 10

Then, I pinned each pair together.

Step 11


& sewed them.  I ended up with 2 long strips.  Next, I sewed a gathering stitch across the top of each long strip.

Step 13


Have you made ruffles before?  If you haven’t, you need to pull on the little string at the end.  Just one of them!  It will all ruffle up & the golden part of it is, you adjust it all you want until you sew it.

Step 14


The next thing I had to figure out is where exactly did I want the ruffle to start in the pair of pants I was sewing them to.  It would help to have your daughter put to pants on, so you can mark exactly where you want the ruffle to come down to.  Keep in mind how long of a ruffle you came up with.


Step 15


So, then, measure it out & mark it off.

Step 16

I trimmed off most of the extra fabric.

Step 17


After that, I lined up the ruffle with the pants & used the trim to pin the two together.  I also used some Fray Check to tame those crazy frayed ends.  I sewed right down the middle of the trim, but if you’re not adding trim, you will attach the ruffle behind you folded under pants hem.  You will want to sew as close to the bottom of the of the hem as you can. Otherwise, it will not look right.  That’s it.  You’re done – UNLESS – you want to hem the bottom of your ruffle to get a more finished look.  I did not.

This girl was pretty happy with her new outfit.





Katie Cute



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