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Spencer & I have been married for 10 years & have never had a bed or headboard.  This drives me crazy.  I think it makes no difference to him at all.  Upholstered headboards really appeal to me.  For the longest time I have admired this type from Pottery Barn:

PB Headboard


Yet, at $799 plus $75 shipping, it’s a bit much for us at this stage in our life.  So, I have toyed with the idea of making one for myself  a long time.  I think I just needed the green light from my husband that it was a worthwhile endeavor; a vote of confidence from him.  He was planning a little retreat at our family’s cabin to recharge & I thought it MIGHT be the perfect time to attempt it, & he said YES!!

There are a lot of great tutorials all over the interwebs, but I enjoyed this one the most from Sara at Running from the Law.  She’s pretty funny & you can easily see what to do from her pictures & explanation.

What you’ll need (slightly different than Sara’s & for a king size bed):

– 2 8×4 ft plywood sheets

-2 1/2 yds of batting

-2 1″ x 27″ x 76″ foam sheets (I got 2 of these from Hobby Lobby)

-2 1/2 yds of fabric.  (Canvas, duck cloth, burlap, THICKER fabrics would be easier)

-1 roll of nailhead trim (I bought this one from Joann’s.  If you use their 50% off coupon, it’s much more affordable)

-Staple gun & stapes

-Jig saw (if you want a shape like mine)

-Spray adhesive

– – –

I’m going to give you a quick rundown of what I did.  You can get a more in-depth tutorial from Sara or the blog she got the idea from.

I had Lowe’s cut my plywood for me:

80 1/2 inches wide on one sheet.  It left a strip which I had them cut down the middle.  That left 2 legs for my headboard.  Then, on the 2nd piece, I had them cut a 59″ x 8″ piece (to strengthen the headboard & have something to attach the nailhead trim to later)  Next, 2 14″ x 11″ pieces (to support the curved parts at the top)

I HOPE that you have a great place to work on your headboard; a workspace in your garage complete with sawhorses or a big worktable?  I did not, so I did what I could do.  I used the desk in my bedroom!!!  Please get someone to help you lift those plywood pieces, so you don’t hurt yourself.

Start by cutting the curved edges out of the top.  Use something to be your stencil (trashcan lid, large circular tray etc).  It’s important to get a good ratio, so it doesn’t end up looking silly.  Mine went in about 11 inches at the top & down about 8 inches.  Trace & then cut it out with the jigsaw.  BE CAREFUL!!  Then, you use the piece you cut out as the stencil for the other side, so you have the same exact cut out on both sides.  Next, using wood screws (I used 1 1/4 inch), to attach the support board to the top (59″ x 8″ piece).  I used about 9 screws.

Attach the legs to each side with wood screws ( they should butt right up to the curved edge-See Sara’s tutorial)

Now, you’re going to cut out the supports for the curved areas (use your headboard as a stencil).  Trace & then cut out.  Attach with wood screws.

Now, attach the batting to the  recessed area between the supports with spray adhesive.  You will have to do some cutting & placing after the main piece is placed.  If it doesn’t hold as well as you’d like, just put a few staples in it.

You are ready to wrap the batting around the entire headboard (& legs!)  Pull it tight & staple it to the back.  It’s super helpful to have someone on the other side directing you & seeing that there are no bumps or wrinkles.  Same goes for the fabric later).

After this, you can wrap the fabric in the same way.  You will need to wrap the legs separately (You won’t see them much.

The last step is measuring out a chalkline for the nailhead trim.  I measured down 4 inches.  All the way around the edge.  The nailhead trim was very easy to apply when you already have a chalkline to follow.












I’m sure you might have questions because this is just a quick explanation of what I did & not a full tutorial.  I’m happy to answer anything, just use my contact form & I’ll answer you as soon as I’m able.




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  1. My sweet friend. What an amazing place you’ve created to rest your head :). In so proud of you it looks amazing!! Way to go!!

  2. Great job! I was thinking of doing this then opted for something totally different, I am not as crafty as you. Looks fab!

  3. It looks fantastic! I’m so impressed! I bet your room feels completely different now! Great job!!!

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