How to Organize Your Kid’s Shopkins

How to Organize Your Kid's Shopkins - Creative Outpour - Jacqueline Presley

As we get more & more Shopkins toys, we are finding the need to organize them. They were getting out of control! 🙂

Today, I made it more simple. Here’s a little stop-motion video I made to illustrate what I did:

One thing that may not be clear in the video is that I got rid of about 1/2 of their Shopkins baskets. They never play with very many at a time, so they were surplus, & in the way.

Idea: You could use extra ones to gift duplicate Shopkins to your child’s friends!

Here’s to easier toy clean up!

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  1. #boymomhere Now I know about Shopkins! How cute. Zipper storage bags are the best.

  2. Now I know what Shopkins are!

  3. OK, so my kids have JUST now discovered Shopkins. I remember your blog post, so I’ve come for help. I’m afraid it’s about to get ugly. I had no idea what these things were; thankful for your posts. 🙂

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