Organizing Food Storage Containers



How do you organize your food storage containers?  Is there a method to your madness?  I have changed the way I organize mine several times, but the way I have it now is working the best for me:



This is a pretty small cabinet, but I think it only works because:

1) There are a small amount of containers.  I have enough to store what I need to & have weeded out the rest.

2) If it doesn’t have a lid, it isn’t in there.

Do you have a great way to store your food storage containers?  Send me a picture!  I’d love to share your ideas with my readers.

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  1. I don’t save all of those containers — yogurt, butter, sour cream, etc. to use as storage containers. (Except to share meals with my sweet neighbor, and I finally convinced her NOT to return those!) I know lots of people do that, but I find that they breed and multiply and they do not get along with one another very well. Plus, I’m not convinced that it is necessarily healthy to do that. I got over the fear of separation a long time agoL)

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