Updating Old Looks (Rods & Panels)

It’s amazing how just a little paint can make such a huge difference! When we moved into our current home, most of the style hadn’t […]

Sarah Richardson!

Have you ever caught an episode of Sarah’s House on HGTV?  Somehow, I only more recently discovered this show & this fabulous designer, Sarah Richardson. […]

Quick Craft

I was bored last weekend and wanted to do a quick craft that would keep me busy but not take all day. I have lots […]

Drum Shade Love…

        A very fabulous friend of mine made her own and put it right over her chandelier!  It is seriously stunning and I […]

Kitchen Design

Kitchen design is my passion!! I love all of the options from paint colors to wood type and all of the fun customizations that are […]

Find Your Personal Decorating Style

If you are interested in decorating in the slightest way, you MUST go to this website: www.sproost.com to discover your personal decorating style. If I […]

Retro End Table Redo

I was at a friend’s house the other day and saw a table like this: Immediately, I started thinking about how many of my daughter’s […]

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Heroes of the City Movie App & Giveaway!

I heart wall decals!!!

I am a graphic-bold-person! I think paint can be boring and I always tend to pick wallpaper instead. Graphics are fun and easier than wallpaper […]

A Quilt for Baby boy Presley!!!

Lately it has been Brrrrrrr cold in sunny south Florida. With night time temps in the 20’s all I can think about is warm blankets! […]

Oh the paperbilities!

I love paper! No really, I have a paper obsession! I love all the patterns and textures and colors. I am a scrapbooker, but that […]

Brunch at Bordinos

Cookie’s Kids Easter Outfit Shopping

At our house, we like to make a big deal out of Easter.  Christmas gets tons of glory, but Easter is just as important to […]