Paper pumpkins and Autumn inspiration

I made some paper pumpkins 3 years ago–I think I hijacked the idea from Martha Stewart–and still love to see them on display for the autumn season.
Here is a how-to for making paper pumpkins:

Choose coordinating pieces of paper, such as 3 different shades of orange or patterned brown papers. Cut strips of paper about 1 inch wide and however long you choose–the longer the strips, the bigger the pumpkin of course. (For my biggest pumpkin, I did cut the strips a little wider as well.) Then poke small holes at each end.

“String” the strips of paper in a pattern onto a pipe cleaner (there is probably a more grown-up craft item that would work, but pipe cleaners is what I had on hand, and I am okay with that).

“String” the other end of the strips onto the pipe cleaner, beginning with the same strip you started with the first time. Otherwise your pumpkin with be lopsided when you are done.

Fold the pipe cleaner over and fan out your pumpkin.

I added a little leaf on top to complete the pumpkin.

Oh and here is the latest addition to my autumn decor, a few strings of fallen leaves.
I have my fellow blogger to thank for this idea. See post Fall, Fall, FALL!

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  1. neat-O! – Even I could do this! 😀

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