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You know something fun I like to do? I like to surf hashtags on Instagram. So, I played around with the hashtags #protip (37,701) & #protips (9,627). Thought I’d share some of the best ones with you here. Just for fun.

It’s easier to trick yourself into thinking you have your life together when your planners cute #protip

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Agreed. I have first-hand knowledge of this fact.

Pro-tip: before you slow cook your weekend stew or game day steak chili, brown your beef in a skillet. As the heat adds color it’s adding amazing flavor! #protip #maillardreaction #stew #howto #instafood #beef #wabeeflove

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Good to know.

And always always always use heat protection. 😄 #hairhousetip #hairhousemarion #westfieldmarion A photo posted by Hairhouse Warehouse Marion (@hairhousemarion) on

I-G-G-Y spells Garbage, btw. #LifeProTip A photo posted by Life Pro Tip (@lifeprotip) on


PRO TIP: How to make your glitter shadows shine! ✨ #glitter #shadow #eyeshadow #protip #beautytip #teenbeauty #tutorial #bybb #bybbeautiful


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Crack kills. #LifeProTip A photo posted by Life Pro Tip (@lifeprotip) on

blah blah


Protip? LAYERS.

I just…whew! Don’t even know what they’re talking about. I mean, do you?

🙅🏻💪🏼 #LifeProTip

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I have a lovely jar opener thingy Spencer got me when we were engaged. He’s perfect. You can’t have him.

Anyone else invest their money similarly? 🍌💵 #LifeProTip

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Protip? EAT YOUR BANANAS! The end.

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