Reclaiming Our Spaces: Files!


This week I took on a long put-off task; I organized all the paperwork that needed to be filed!  I have had several jobs that included filing as part of my responsibilities.  So, you would think that my files at home would be just so.  Not so!
What I have had is an enormous stack of papers with a a mental label, “to do”.
So, I got together everything I could find and laid it on on the kitchen table:


I started making stacks to sort everything.  It helped me see what was there.

1)  To be filed: From there I broke it down further by what type of item it was to be filed & date.

2)  To be transferred to another location in the house by location

3)  To be thrown away

I did it slowly all day.  In the afternoon, while the kids slept, I brought my party into the living room and spread it all out there:

Finally finished!!!  I would like to go back on another day& streamline it visually, but I am satisfied that it filed away.  It is all easy to find & there is no crazy stack by my bed anymore.  Yay!!!

After I was finished all my work, we went into the backyard to play!!
Lovely summer day.


This week Holly worked on her entry.  Check it out!


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  1. Arghhhh I have to do this. My paper piles are over taking my house!!

  2. I like how you worked on sorting all day as you could, and then did the “big stuff” when you could be focused. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth, I know the feeling & if I don’t watch it, I will be right back there.

    Thanks for the encouragement Holly!

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