Reclaiming Our Spaces: Organizing A Little Girl’s Room

organizing tips, Home organization
This week I thought I’d share what I’ve done to organize my daughter’s room.  
She loves books, so I had to allow for a lot of places to keep them.  The ones that she uses the most we keep by her bed in this bin:
organizing tips, Home organization
We keep all of her dolls in this large basket at the foot of her bed:
organizing tips, Home organization
I store all her shoes in this organizer on the inside of her closet door:
organizing tips, Home organization
The rest of her books are here on top of her book shelf.  The larger ones are on the bottom shelf.  The bins hold all of the smaller toys.  I used to have them them separated into categories, but it never took.  Maybe I’ll try again in a year?
organizing tips, Home organization
This is her vanity.  She has a lot of fun stuff to play with, so we keep a little bin by it to store it in.
organizing tips, Home organization
That’s it.  I’m still looking for a cute storage trunk or ottoman to store all her dress-ups in, but no luck so far.  It’s so fun decorating and organizing a little girl’s room!
This week Holly worked on her kid’s creative space.  It’s a super cute room.  Check it out.
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  1. I love the doll basket! I’m sure she does too!

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