Reclaiming Our Spaces: Pam’s Catch-All Space Part One

Last week Pamela Moore (an old college theater friend of mine) won the contest for some free organizing from me.  I wish I could physically go there & transform her space in person while she’s out having a great time somewhere.  However, she lives 2 time zones away!!  So, we have been making due with pictures & Facebook messaging!! Ha!
She has so bravely let me show you some before pictures…
This is her catch-all room basically.  It has to work hard because this gal and her husband have A LOT of things going on. They are both burlesque entertainers! She also does costuming and he does vaudeville & writes. They are quite the dynamic duo! Always have been.
Bottom line? She needs a space to cut fabric & to be able to find everything she needs while she’s working.
Her assignment has been:
1) Throw out/give away things that are no longer being used
2) Figure out what you want to keep in there & get bins to categorize it.
3) Hang a rod above the desk to clip works in progress
Next week I’ll post the big reveal!
This week Holly worked on her craft closet. It turned out very cute! AND well organized. That lady’s got skillz.
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  1. You know what I also love organizing things at home, we have the same fashion, I always wanted thing that are in proper place… I will follow you on your next post for your new revelation of that space…

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