Reclaiming Our Spaces: Reality!

Let me tell you about this afternoon.  I forgot someone was coming by.  I was still in pajamas (at 4pm!) Both children had no bottoms on, the house was a wreck.  I was so embarrassed!!!

It really got me thinking.  This is reality.  This is my life.  Sometimes it’s messy, ugly, disorganized–just crazy.  I am sure some of y’all can relate a little?  My sweet friend (& her husband & her 2 kids!) was so full of grace for me in the chaos of the moment.  That was such an encouragement to me in that moment when I felt like a complete mess.
See, my plan for this week was to work on organizing my daughter’s room.  It’s fairly organized, but I have needed to deal with the crazy amount of dress up gear that it always thrown all over the floor.  I hang it up, but it gets pulled back down & she’s not tall enough to get it hung back up.  
I think the best solution is a trunk for her to store it all in.  Something like one of these maybe:
It would be easy for her to clean it all up, but she also wouldn’t need my help getting it out when she was ready to play.  So, I’m on the lookout for one, but I haven’t found one yet.  I also want to move her room around a little.
So, this project will have to be stalled until I can find what I’m looking for.  That’s the reality for me right now.  Sometimes it is a real struggle to get even simple things accomplished, but I am pointed the right direction & making progress all the time.  I hope my transparency is an encouragement to some of you that may feel overwhelmed at the thought of your clutter; by trying to carve out the time to sit and think about where to start.  I am right there with you!!
Baby steps are still steps!
This week Holly felt a little frustration this week as well, but still got some work done.  Check out her post here.
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