Sarah Richardson!

Have you ever caught an episode of Sarah’s House on HGTV?  Somehow, I only more recently discovered this show & this fabulous designer, Sarah Richardson.

The premise of the show is flipping houses.  Every detail of her design is so well planned, so thoughtful and & so, cheery!
For me, it’s her and Candice Olson and that’s it.  Something about designers from Canada, but I love everything they do. 

Here are some examples of Sarah’s work:

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  1. We did the whitewash on Jaime’s ceiling in the new house. Used wide boxcar siding and 2/3 paint and 1/3 water. 1000 sq ft and 3 days later…..Maybe when the house is finished and she has stopped to take a breath she will blog about it. We love Sarah and her great ideas too!!!

  2. I’m so excited to see how the house turns out! xoxo

  3. I watch her all the time. I love how she designed a whole room around a quilt she found at a flea market! That’s my kind of shopping!!

  4. Yes, Sarah’s house is my favorite show on HGTV right now. I’ll watch her shows over and over. I love everything about it.

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