I don’t really think of myself as a writer…

I write some.  I maintain a blog & have been involved with other blogs.  I have written poetry, prose & songs some, but I have been not much of a writer really.  When I think of writers,  I think of other people I know like: Jeffrey Miller, Holley Gerth, & Sarah White.  I am more of a pep rallier.  I want to share my experiences with people & maybe even spur them on toward better living in some way.  That’s my motivation. Sometimes it turns out pretty good, but I’m not worried about it always being awesome.  That goal is secondary for me.  Mostly, I’m concerned with it being authentic, helpful, inspiring or interesting. I was asked to take part in a […]

I’m a Clever Girl!

I Am a Mama First.

I haven’t blogged much in awhile.  The main reason?  I am SO busy with these cuties: I thoroughly enjoy our life together, but being a […]