Paper pumpkins and Autumn inspiration

I made some paper pumpkins 3 years ago–I think I hijacked the idea from Martha Stewart–and still love to see them on display for the autumn season. Here is a how-to for making paper pumpkins: Choose coordinating pieces of paper, such as 3 different shades of orange or patterned brown papers. Cut strips of paper about 1 inch wide and however long you choose–the longer the strips, the bigger the pumpkin of course. (For my biggest pumpkin, I did cut the strips a little wider as well.) Then poke small holes at each end. “String” the strips of paper in a pattern onto a pipe cleaner (there is probably a more grown-up craft item that would work, but pipe cleaners […]

Find Your Personal Decorating Style

If you are interested in decorating in the slightest way, you MUST go to this website: to discover your personal decorating style. If I […]