A New Contributor & Her Holiday Decor Project!

Welcome Kanya! Kanya just joined Creative Outpour as our newest contributor.  She is one of my besties and quite the creative chica!  She sews, paints & jazzes up furniture.  So excited to see share her with you and to see what all she will bring! So, without further ado, I present her first project submission.  She got a set of Christmas plates & really wanted to hang them on the wall, but then she got the idea to take things a step further: She continued the design onto a canvas behind the plate!  They turned out so cute. Such a fun, whimsy idea to decorate for Christmas! Thanks for sharing Kanya & we look forward to all your jazzy posts […]

Holiday Decorating Lessons!

My friend’s mom decorates homes for the holidays.  She has been doing it for years and she is seriously talented.  I asked her the other […]

Early Decorator?

Next week I am going to be posting some pictures from two houses I’m decorating for the holidays.  Some of you may not even be […]