Floor Pillows Completed!

Remember the floor pillows I was working on?  I finally finished them for our church’s infant room in our new location! They were super easy to make.  I also made the little cloud rugs.  How I made them: I used faux fur fabric & traced a cloud shape onto the back of it using a dinner plate as a stencil. Then, I used Fray Check on the edges to keep them from fraying.  I will say they were very furry: So, word to the wise, shake them out & vacuum these guys before you use them to rid them of all the excess fur.  I let the kids try them out before I brought them to the church: Umm, they loved […]

Huge Floor Pillows Part One

My church, The Grove Church, is moving & right now, we are preparing the new location.  I get to help a little bit with the […]