Reclaiming Our Spaces: Sharon’s Craft Closet

This week I asked an old college friend if she wouldn’t mind sharing her organizing project here on blog for everyone to enjoy.  She happily agreed, so this is from Sharon Schulte.  A sweet mama of 3. – – – Craft stuff: I love it, I hate it, I have WAY too much of it….according to my husband. When we moved a couple of years ago I discovered dozens of random boxes, bins, baskets, and bags of material, stickers, play-doh, scrapbooking wares, crayons, projects for would-be gifts, cards…you get the idea. I tried to put like things together as we unpacked, but I realized I didn’t have a great way of having storing cloth and unfinished craft projects, and especially not […]

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Reclaiming Our Spaces: Pam’s Catch-All Space Part One

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Reality!

Let me tell you about this afternoon.  I forgot someone was coming by.  I was still in pajamas (at 4pm!) Both children had no bottoms […]

Reclaiming Our Spaces: My Son’s Room

This week I worked on my son’s room.  Mainly, I worked on making a home for everything.  It was becoming a big pile of toys! […]

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Organization Inspiration

I am currently up to my eyeballs in projects for our church’s new Sunday school classroom, so I do not have time to organize an […]