Looking for a New Lady Dr?

This week the kids are at camp until 4pm every day, so, in my mind, this is the week to do all the things. An abundance of things have been put off because, kids. I called to make an appointment with my regular gynecologist because it has been awhile and also because I had been having some breast pain that I wanted to get checked out. The phone rang several times. When someone finally answered, they asked if I could hold. I said ok because that’s what you say to be polite, but no one really ever wants to be put on hold, ever. When she gets back on the phone, after 5 minutes (I can tell how long because, […]

Santa’s at the NWA Mall

New Walmart Neighborhood Market Opening in Rogers

Kyla Chocolate’s Kamp Kyya

Downtown Bentonville’s Art Fete Event

What a Night!