Slightly Obsessed with Mustard Yellow

I had a very blah guest bathroom and I have always been slightly obsessed with mustard yellow paint, purse, clothes, etc. I bought the “tester” quart of paint at Sherwin Williams – they will mix ANY of their 1,000’s of colors for you and it is only $5.00. I MIGHT have gotten slightly nervous when I took the lid off…. This is “Ceremonial Gold” I already had everything else (shower curtain, accents, towels, etc) so this re-do literally cost five dollars! Enjoy the before and afters! Next time you have a small project, be sure to go by Sherwin Williams and get them to mix ANY color for you. It’s crazy how much of a change $5.00 can make to […]

Updating Old Looks (Rods & Panels)

It’s amazing how just a little paint can make such a huge difference! When we moved into our current home, most of the style hadn’t […]

Retro End Table Redo

I was at a friend’s house the other day and saw a table like this: Immediately, I started thinking about how many of my daughter’s […]