…And We’re Back (including Psalm 121 printable!)

My blog has been missing 1 year of posts since 2/21! I had some major drama with the “friend” who offered to host my site. My site was down & they wouldn’t respond to my emails, texts, anything. This has really been going on for about 1 year, but I had finally had enough when my site was down & they still wouldn’t respond. That being said, I have switched to a hosting company many of my friends use & recommended. We are up & back in business. Drama behind me. Lessons learned. I’m excited to get back into sharing my life with you, & you sharing yours with me. I’m thankful for the community that has come from this […]

I Almost Drowned Once

I was in elementary school (I don’t remember what year exactly) & my family was at the lake with my Uncle Curt & Aunt Jackie. […]