Reclaiming Our Spaces: Organizing on the Cheap & a Giveaway! GIVEAWAY CLOSED

CONGRATS to Pamela Moore!!  She wins FREE organizing help this week!  We will be working on a section of her craft area.  Tune in Thursday to see the results! This week let’s discuss what we use to organize.  Not every little organizer needs to come from The Container Store.  (Though, their stuff is pretty fun if it’s in the budget!)  Let’s talk about what we can use if it aint in the budget.  Know what I’m sayin? I use left-over perfume boxes, toy packaging, & really all sorts of random containers to contain my stuff: This is a holiday perfume gift set box that I have been using since 2004!  I keep my jewelry in it right now: I also […]

Reclaiming Our Spaces: The Flow of Paper

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Reality!

Let me tell you about this afternoon.  I forgot someone was coming by.  I was still in pajamas (at 4pm!) Both children had no bottoms […]

Reclaiming Our Spaces: My Son’s Room

This week I worked on my son’s room.  Mainly, I worked on making a home for everything.  It was becoming a big pile of toys! […]

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Kids Bathroom

Hey y’all!  I am so late in getting this posted today- once again.  I will give myself credit though for actually getting a little organizing […]

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Hall Closet

OK, here is my belated post!  Finally tackled my beast of a hall closet; home to all sorts of crafts & toys for the kids. […]

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Organization Inspiration

I am currently up to my eyeballs in projects for our church’s new Sunday school classroom, so I do not have time to organize an […]