Reclaiming Our Spaces: Files!

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Bathroom! BELATED

Ok, it’s that time again to gather up the gusto to conquer another clutter corner!  I will say that I have to FIGHT to maintain […]

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Laundry Room

Today, I’m going to let you into the one of the craziest, more cluttered areas of my home; my laundry room!!! It’s so crazy.  I […]

Reclaiming Our Spaces: Office/Craft Area

Hello & Happy Thursday to you! Today is the first of many Thursday posts for our new series: In my introduction post I had started […]

Reclaiming Our Spaces: How 2 Organizers Start at Home

I’m excited to announce a new series which will post each Thursday.   I’ve worked off & on as a professional organizer, but, since having […]