Easy Pillowcase Dress

The last couple of days I have been working on a pillowcase dress for our flea market booth.  Though, my daughter saw me working on it & excitedly asked me, “Is that for me?!”  Now, I’m debating if I should give it to her now & make another one for the booth. I followed the instructions that I found on Everyday Chaos.  On her blog, the pattern was for a nightgown, but I decided to make it a regular dress instead.  Here is a picture of the two she did: I made my dress a little different. I made my ruffle a little longer at the bottom, but it basically the same.  I plan to make this dress again.  It […]

The Tent is Up!

Sweet joy, the tent is finally up! This is a pretty late Christmas present for Katie, but at least I finished.  I am not a […]