How Starbucks Got Me Ready for an American Chocolate Week Date Night

You may have noticed a new little arrangement in your Wal-Mart bakery area: Starbucks & Wal-Mart bakery have put together what they’re calling, Delicious Pairings.  Starbucks coffee & items from Wal-Mart’s bakery paired together for your ease & delight.  If you know me, this is right up my alley!!! Normally, I would pick up my coffee on the coffee/tea aisle. We pretty much always buy Starbucks, & we usually try to get Pike’s Place Roast if it’s available.  If it isn’t, we just grab something medium to dark & we’re happy.  It being American Chocolate Week & all, I decided to try their new Starbucks Mocha flavor!!  After all, a mocha coffee was the first cup to get me hooked back […]