Why It’s Ok to Give Tacos4Life Your Money

I don’t know how you feel about tacos but personally, I have quite the love affair. 😍 They’re on the menu just about weekly at our house. If we don’t have tacos, we have something taco-like. That being said, I also like to go out and eat tacos. It’s a major plus if I’m eating at a taco place that does something (anything!) good for the world. Enter Tacos4Life. What you get: What Tacos4Life does: You’ve heard about it and seen their signs: Eat a meal. Give a Meal. When you buy one meal, one meal is donated. This is Tacos4Life‘s mission. I’m just going to quote directly from their website: “HUNGER IS THE WORLD’S GREATEST SOLVABLE PROBLEM Tacos 4 Life and our […]