Teach us to count our days

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

I wrote a post about this verse awhile ago because it always comes back to me like a mantra from the Holy Spirit. Like, “Don’t forget! You only get so many days here. Live like it!”

This scripture was driven home hard to me and stuck to my heart and my mind the day I lost one of my closest friends in 2003; Linda Grace. We met in college. She might have been the brightest light for Jesus I’ve ever known. Linda was an encourager and she was kind. She stood firmly on God’s promises and drank deeply from His Word. She prayed with strong faith and she helped people however she could. She was inclusive and uplifting and also hilariously real. I’m not trying to make it sound like she was perfect, she wasn’t and she would hate if I tried to make it seem that she was because she was also genuine and humble. Yet, she really was all these things and I think I was a better person for having spent time knowing her.

Me and Linda

She was a pastor’s daughter and had high standards about keeping all of her affection for her future husband. She had never had a boyfriend, a kiss, nothing! Since I had met her in college, this was pretty shocking. Still, she didn’t wear it like a badge of honor, it was just an expression of her faith, her path with God, her own choice.

That is why it was so exciting when, after college, she had her first boyfriend! We met him and he also had never dated or kissed a girl. He seemed to be a terrific match for her. He seemed to be a lot of fun and a man who loved God, and a gentleman.

It wasn’t long before they were engaged and he was headed home with her to El Salvador (She was from El Salvador) to meet her family. We were completely THRILLED for her. This is back in the MSN Messenger chat days and I talked to her over the video chat on there after they made it home to El Salvador wishing her well.

The next day I got a phone call from one of our mutual close friends who told me they both had died. Linda had been swimming and got caught in a rip current. Her fiancee went to help her and he got caught up in it too. They both drowned.

It was some of the worse news of my life up until that moment. I had to sleep with my light on that night and the next. I just kept going over it in my mind feeling helpless and devastated. The same scripture just kept coming to mind,
“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

But it wasn’t those words exactly, it was the words of the Chris Rice song, “Teach us to count our days, teach us to make the days count. Lead us in better ways, that somehow our soul’s forgot. Life means so much.” Still one of my favorite songs. It will always be a reminder of what we lost, but also a periodic prompt to reevaluate how I am living this one life that I get. I have more days here then she ever got and there are purposes to these days. I don’t plan to waste them. I hope you don’t waste yours either.

Me, Rebeca and Linda in 2000 or so.
Cinthya, Linda and me at graduation in 2000.
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