10 Things About Life in Your Late Thirties

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  1. Reflux – Gone are the days of 4 cups of coffee & piling on the acidic foods. I can’t ignore it, or I will be throwing up in my mouth. It’s really acid, but what’s the difference. It’s yuck. Pro tip: Tums just came out with chews that are wayyy better, but they’re $6.
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  2. Wrinkles -Starting to see some sagging around the eyes & on my neck – LORD my neck! It’s like a little pouch hanging there.

    30s, thirties, creative outpour, double chin, wrinkles

    While I love these pictures because it’s a funny memory with my son, I do not love that chin & neck.

  3. Poor circulation – Since 35 or so, I have to elevate my feet, so my varicose veins don’t ache. No freaking joke.

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    Picture from UFAI

  4. Back aches – First I thought it was my mattress, so we got a new bed. Nope it’s just being OLD.
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  5. No room for BS – When I was a little younger, I wanted to be friends with everyone & please everyone. Now, if people bring drama, I’m not interested. If people are trying to sell me something, I’m not interested. If people are not for real, if they wouldn’t help me move or be able to handle talking about difficult things or just be a person who cares in my life, what are they in my life for? Less friends, more real, less BS. creative outpour, drama, 30s, thirties, friends
  6. Pooped – Now, I will fight this every step of the way, but I am so pooped. For the first time in my life, I will fall asleep watching a show. I am not proud of this. So, for my last birthday (ahem, 38), I bought a new pair of tennis shoes & a FitBit. Hopin’ it helps.
  7. Too loud – Remember that saying, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old”? I find myself always telling the kids to quiet down & wishing all the world would just simmer down already.
  8. I want to be comfy – I used to always wear those pointy shoes (my husband calls them witch shoes) & all kinds of uncomfortable clothes & shoes. Now, I couldn’t be bothered. I don’t want sore feet or sore anything at the end of the day. I just want to feel like I’m in my PJs all day, but look amazing. I’m looking for a way for this to be possible. comfy, netflix, creative outpour, 30s, thirties, relax
  9. Working smarter, not harder: we have learned a few things. There are better ways to do it. We are cutting out more & focusing on the most important. Wisdom comes with those grey hairs (though mine haven’t sprouted, my little sister’s have!!!)
  10. Craving PEACE: I have begun to take time to breathe, to relax, to process, to renew myself before I press on. peace, butterflies, creative outpour, 30s, thirties


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  1. love this!! I second almost all of those and have some to add…… Privately

  2. Lol! You are so real and this made me laugh! Love ya girl!

  3. Holla on #1! I find myself chewing gum again for the first time in like fifteen years at times to help with it.

  4. I wonder if I should write a post like this for turning 50? It might send me into a spiral of self-loathing and days of uncontrollable crying. 🙂

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