We Have a First Grader Now

first grade, back to school, creative outpourThis is the day that my oldest started first grade. She was ready. I wouldn’t say she was excited, but she was much more ready than when she started kindergarten. I was more ready, too. This could’ve been a lonely day for her little brother who wasn’t going off to school today…

creative outpour…her best bud. Two peas in a pod. Often confused for twins, though they’re 2 years apart in age.

creative outpourIt wasn’t though because we went to Dunkin Donuts & I took him to Brick by Brick to play with Legos.  So, he was good. It was bittersweet for me because I always miss her when she’s away from me & she misses me too.

creative outpourMy crazy girl.

creative outpourThis is her thumbs up. She’s got this. She had a great day.  She likes her teacher. The kids were nice to her. She even liked her lunch in the cafeteria.

Tonight, when I hugged her good-night, she said, “When I go to school, I don’t see you that much. I don’t get that much time with you. So, I want to hug you so tight.” Then, she did.

LORD, teach me to love like her; with my whole heart, transparent, vulnerable.

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