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I am one of those moms.  You know the ones; unkempt hair, late to things, messy car, general frazzled look.  This is tough business for me!  I have to work real hard to figure out what to do in any given day.  I lean heavily on Pinterest, blogs and other mamas for ideas/support.  For those of you out there who can relate, here are a few things that are working:

1)  Pom Poms!  We put them in containers, we throw them up in the air, we push them through small openings in plastic lids.  We sort them, we love them.  Most importantly, they love them.  Win.

2)  Hallway of Paper

I give them catalogs and magazines and let them tear all the pages out in the hallway between their two rooms.  We then store them in a plastic bag in the hall closet for next time.  The bag is full now, so it’s extra fun to jump in, throw up in the air and just be crazy kids making a mess.  Yay for organized chaos.

3)  Bring the outdoors indoors for the colder months

We brought their climber inside my son’s room, put the pool under the slide & filled it with balls.  So. much. fun. for them.

These are just 3 things that have been fun for us.  They feel like little mommy victories (miracles?)  Hopefully one or more of them will be wins at your house too.

*Please share any ideas that have worked for you too.  I’d love to do a follow-up post of other great ideas to help moms with toddler/pre-school aged kiddos.  Just email me.

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  1. I love the newspaper all over the place! Mine are 7 and 11, but it reminds me that it’s the little things that mean so much to kids 🙂

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